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 DVPAL Square Pixels
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   Converting DV-PAL to Square Pixels : Compositing   

This tutorial explains how to prepare a DV-PAL video, using Adobe AfterEffects, for use with Autodesk MatchMover.

Pixels on a computer monitor are square. They are the same width and height and can be described as having a pixel aspect ratio of 1:1.

DV-PAL video has 720x576 pixels. However, these pixels are not square. Instead of having an aspect ratio of 1:1 (same width as height) the pixels have an aspect ratio is 128:117, or about 1.094:1.

Consequently, when you display DV-PAL footage on a computer monitor is appears to be squashed. This tutorial explains how to un-squash DV-PAL video.

Download the Notes (.pdf) with the link on the right.

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