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// Assignment 1


Create a custom window that contains the following tools.

1. A button to Delete History
2. A button to Freeze Transformations
3. A button to Centre the Pivot Point
4. A button to Group select objects AND allows the user to define the name of the Group using a Prompt Dialogue Box
5. A button to Ungroup a selected group
6. A button to Duplicate a select object that has a Duplicated Input Graph (see Duplicate Special) AND allows the user to define the number of duplicated objects using a Prompt Dialogue Box

By default, the Duplicate function (Ctrl + D) in MAYA creates a copy of an object with a new Transform node, but not a new Creation node. This means you can translate, rotate or scale the new object, but you can not modify any of the original values. To create a Duplicate object with a new Creation node you need to also Duplicate the Input Graph (Creation Node)


Note : Ensure all your buttons will work on multiple selections.





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