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   Curves Plus

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To Playback particles accurately, you most have the Playback speed set to Play Every Frame. You can set the Playback speed in the Preferences Window.

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   Curves Plus : Modelling   

Logos consisting of curves and straight lines





















2d Curves extruded in 3d Geometry


The current standard method for modelling 3d Geometry is to start with a Polygon primitive (cube, sphere, cylinder etc) and then modify it using the Edit Mesh and Mesh tools.

Historically, the original method of building Polygon Geometry was to create a profile Curve (2d) and Extrude or Revolve it into the 3d dimension.

This method is still very useful. Take a look at the 5 logos on the left. Notice that the outline for each logo is a profile, containing a mixture of straight and curved lines.

The objective of this tutorial is to create a profile Curve with a series of curve and straight lines, extrude the Curve into 3d Geometry and then clean-up the Geometry.

Lesson Plan
Here the steps involved in this tutorial to give you a clear outline before we start.
  1. Managing and Importing reference images
  2. Image Plane settings
  3. Control Vertex (CV) settings and properties
  4. Creating Curves with curved and straight segments.
  5. Understanding Curve direction : Defining Outlines and Holes
  6. Extruding Curves into 3d Geometry : Bevel Plus
  7. Optimising Geometry
  8. Trouble shooting

[level intermediate]




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