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   Curves Plus

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2 Outliners at once
You can split the Outliner into two windows by selecting the bottom edge of the Outliner and dragging it upwards. This will create 2 Outliners and allow you to simultaneously work in 2 different areas of the Outliner.



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   Text101 : Modelling   

In this tutorial cover introduction to creating 3d Text in MAYA. This tutorial specifically looks at the options available for bevelling and optimising models.






Learning Outcome
The objective of this tutorial is to introduce you to the following :

1. Creating 3d Text.
2. Bevel Plus (Surfaces).
3. Creating Polygon Text.
4. Reduce (Polygon) Tool.
5. Optimised Text.
6. The various Bevel options available.
7. Separating Objects.

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