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This page contains links specifically for Stop-Motion Animation. Links for CG Animation and General Animation Theory can be found by Clicking Here.

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Animation Supplies AnimateClay
Armaverse StopMotionWorks : Examples
  The Picture Trail : Puppets & Armatures CastleGardener : Beginners Guide
StopMotionAnimation : Puppet Tech  

Puppet Construction
  Puppet Construction Explained : AWN The Picture Trail : Puppets & Armatures
StopMotionAnimation : Puppet Tech Dan Perez Studios : Mold Casting
    Dan Perez Studios : Polymer Clays 101
    Dan Perez Studios : Sculpting 101
    Dan Perez Studios : Detail & Skin

Aardman Tippett Studio
Will Vinton Ray Harryhausen
Se-Ma-For : Polish The Trap Door (TV Show)
  Pedri : Holland Terry Gilliam
  Jan Svankmayer List of Stop-Motion Films
  BluBlu Ferenc Cako

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  The Art of Stop Motion The Picture Trail
  StopMo Shorts StopMotionAnimation
CarrotKidFilms AnimateClay
  CastleGardener Objects at Rest
  Dark Strider StopMotionWorks

Building Sets
  The Picture Train : Sets CastleGardener : Set Construction
The Last Alliance Board Game  

AnimateClay : Materials MonsterMakers
  StopMotionWorks : List of Software (PC & MAC) FrameThief (MAC)
  Monkey Jam (PC) Objects at Rest : Homemade Dolly Cam
  iStopMotion (MAC)  

  The Picture Trail : Camera Rigs StopMotionWorks : Camera

Interesting Sites
Objects at Rest : Homemade Dolly Cam Dark Strider : List of Movie Clips
StopMo Shorts : Links AnimateClay : Will Vinton TV Ads
John Wright Modelmaking StopMotionWorks
SageCraft : Schools AnimateClay
StopMotionWorks : Corpses Bride StopMotionWorks : Corpse Bride II
  YouTube : MirrorMask (Close To You) YouTube : Quay Bros (Streets of Croc pt1)
  YouTube : Quay Bros (Montage) YouTube : Quay Bros (Streets of Croc pt2)
  List of Stop-Motion Films YouTube : Minilogue

Visual Reference
  National Geographic Stock
(registration required)
CG Architect
  TimeLapse.com Corbis Motion
  BBC Motion Gallery  

  BBC - Science & Nature Human and Animal Reference
  Male Anatomy Female Anatomy
fineart sk  

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